Glasgow Students Reflect on Homework and its Impact on Their Mental Health


Glasgow students talk about their mental health when they are at school. But, what is mental health? It’s how you feel inside, it happens with you . How is  your  mental health? Good? Bad? And how do you feel about school/homework?  Well, let’s dive in!

Unhealthy mental health can lead to uncertainty, stress and could have significant changes in how it changes people’s lives. There  is good mental health as well such as increased self-esteem. Improved self-expression and management of emotions  

A Glasgow 7th grader, Devin Jameson, said their mental health “swings a lot, but mostly in the middle.” When asked how they felt about homework and school work, they said,  “Why do I need to work at home? School puts a lot of stress on me in the first place because the people are rude and I can’t understand the class, so I don’t like homework .”Another student, 6th grader Piper Jenkins , said that her mental health is in the middle. “ Nothing bad happens and I have good grades.” When asked how she felt about homework and school work she replied,  “ I don’t mind homework there is nothing good or bad about it ”.

If you or a friend thinks that they need help with their mental health, please go talk to one of your  counselors, teacher, or trusted adult