Tips to Keep Your New Year’s Resolution This Year


By: Saron Amdemeskel

January 14, 2020

It’s a new year, which means New Year’s Resolutions. Sometimes it can be hard to keep them the whole year, so, some of your fellow students and counselors gave tips to help you keep your New Year’s Resolution this year.

8th grader, Jessie Huang said, “The basics, like writing your goals down and rewarding yourself when you reach a small step. People should also try to set timeframes, and use a notebook or a planner to track the specific details. Maybe the person can also reach out to others to help remind them or motivate them.”

Similar to this, 6th grader, Lina Rosenbaum, said, “Write it down somewhere. (Poster, notebook, sticky note, etc.) Somewhere you can see it. Tell family members your resolution so they can help remind you. Make a sticker chart or something else visual so it makes the goal more fun.” Sometimes sticking to the basics is just the way to go.

8th grader, Ruth Tewodros said, “Journal it (track it), set reminders, try to do it at least once a day/week (depends on what it is).” 6th grader, Caroline Allison, said, “My first tip is to remind yourself often, like put a sticky note on your computer telling you to do whatever your New Year’s Resolution is. My second tip is to tell a family member, so they can help remind you. It really helps.” Sometimes asking for help is better than trying to do it all by yourself.

7th grader Ayesha Gulzar said, “Have a specific goal in mind…This way, you will be kept accountable for your goal and you will be able to see your progress as you go. Make sure that you actually have a passion for the goals you set. Don’t set goals that aren’t relevant to your everyday life…Instead, set goals for the things you really do want to get better at. Setting goals for things, you love or have an interest in means you are also more likely to follow through with them. WRITE YOUR GOALS DOWN… If you do not write your goals down, you may start on them the first few days of the year, but eventually, you will forget about them because you have no tangible evidence of actually setting them. Write your goals down somewhere you will see them frequently so you will be reminded of them, resulting in some real follow-through.”

Ms. Otoyo, the A-Co last names counselor, also had some helpful tips. “Mentally prepare for what you are going to do before you start…Just pick one thing to work on- baby steps! Be realistic about the resolution you decide on. Have a timeline, by a certain date – check-in with yourself on where you are with your resolution…Encourage yourself, tell yourself you can do it…If you fall short or have a relapse, DO NOT give up. It’s okay. Just get back on track and don’t look back. Praise yourself for your successes.”

Hopefully, these tips help you, and remember, as 8th grader, Nahom Daniel said, “…keep trying. There is no harm in trying things out and taking small steps until you’re used to things.”