Why Glasgow Should Have a Basketball Team?


By: Natan Belachew and Youssef Fayed

October 26, 2021

Basketball is a very popular sport and is played by a lot of students at Glasgow Middle School. Basketball is a sport that is always talked about and a lot of middle schools have basketball teams for fun and competition, so why shouldn’t Glasgow follow in their footsteps and also have a basketball team?

First of all, there would be a lot of people interested in joining the basketball team. Plus, the students could help volunteer and raise money by organizing the gyms, playing games, and selling tickets, etc. The excitement of getting a new basketball team would also bring a lot of people to the games. Finally, there are a lot of adults in the school who could volunteer for the coaching staff. The thing is that we could actually raise money for the school. If we win trophies and lots of games, we would bring a lot of attention to the school from around the area.

 In conclusion, do you think Glasgow should have a basketball team? If so, let’s try to make this happen because that would really be awesome.